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We will want to change the function defines a list of dataset types that this plugin handles. Plugins can register to handle specific types of dataset and ignore others.Since our plugin is not for any specific type of dataset and we want our plugin to be the default handler, we update the plugin code to contain the following: }) return schema def is_fallback(self): # Return True to register this plugin as the default handler for # package types not handled by any other IDataset Form plugin.These appear under the “Additional Information” section on the web interface and in ‘extras’ field of the JSON when accessed via the API.Default extras can only take strings for their keys and values, no validation is applied to the inputs and you cannot make them mandatory or restrict the possible values to a defined list.The CKAN schema is a dictionary where the key is the name of the field and the value is a list of validators and converters.

For each parameter, the schema will contain a corresponding list of functions that will be run against the value of the parameter.

This plugin is used if no other IDataset Form plugin is found that handles that dataset type.

The IDataset Form also has other additional functions that allow you to provide a custom template to be rendered for the CKAN frontend, but we will not be using them for this tutorial.

conda-forge - the place where the feedstock and smithy live and work to produce the finished article (built conda distributions) If you would like to improve the tk recipe or build a new package version, please fork this repository and submit a PR.

Upon submission, your changes will be run on the appropriate platforms to give the reviewer an opportunity to confirm that the changes result in a successful build.

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The conda-forge organization contains one repository for each of the installable packages. A feedstock is made up of a conda recipe (the instructions on what and how to build the package) and the necessary configurations for automatic building using freely available continuous integration services.

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